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Blooming Wild: Mindfulness

'BW: Mindfulness' is for those wanting to explore a weekend of movement and mindfulness whilst staying in accomodation (lodge at a luxury spa resort). This weekend has been designed at a slightly slower pace and intends to be very person specific. There's an opportunity for a guided gravel ride (approx 4-5 hours) and also visiting the Holy Isle. The aim of the weekend is to spend time in nature, exploring ourselves and our environment whilst expanding our mindfulness toolbox. 

What to expect during the weekend?


We will arrive at the accomodation on Friday around 4pm and leave on Sunday around 4pm. 

Our mornings will be slow with nourishing food and guided meditation. In the afternoon we will be exploring our environment by bike or on foot. We will also have the chance for a wild swim in the famous blue pools or sea and have access to the spa resort facilities all weekend. Our evenings will consist of yoga, breathwork, reiki and cooking wholesome food together. 

BW: Mindfulness will be running at £440pp (including accomodation, meals and leisure facilities at spa resort)

21st-23rd June - Isle or Arran (5 women max)

Please let me know if there are any barriers stopping you from joining us, I may be able to help with payment plans. Most venues will be nearby train stations to avoid further stress. Bespoke experiences and gift vouchers are also available. 

Please contact me for more information. Rooms will be shared (2max) 

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