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Bikepacking Kit List - Part 3/3

Hello again and thanks for taking the time to stop by, I hope you find these blogs helpful in some way.

I'm frequently asked about what kit I use and originally I was going to include my entire bikepacking kit in one blog, but that would read like a novel so, I've broken it down into three parts.

Part 1- Bikepacking bags

Part 2- Sleep System(s)

Part 3- Cooking & Accessories

Discovery through trial and error has been my go to for many years now, alongside umpteen nights of research and endless rabbit holes. I've invested in some ultralight pieces of kit that pack pretty small, but there's still a few pieces I'd like to 'upgrade' over time. In the essence of sustainability, I can wait until I need to but I thought it would be helpful to add them too.


I don't tend to take a lot of food with me that requires being cooked, mostly because I like to travel light and also don't really have much space (very small bike). When I do take cooking equipment with me on adventures it can range from my cumbersome but fantastic Trangia to the tiny Kraku stove pictured. If I'm on a walking/canoeing expedition then the Trangia comes into its own with its kettle and pan options. The Kraku from Alpkit is ideal for those with limited space, it weights around 45g, I've had mine a few years now and have never had an issue with it, a bargain for £25. I've also used the Brukit by Alpkit and would recommend this one too.

Of course there's other stoves on the market but what I have serves me well. I'm not going to list them all but heres a few that I know to be decent. I've heard fantastic things about the MSR range. The Pocket Rocket is meant to be fantastic but is just a fraction heavier and more expensive than Alpkits Kraku. The classic Wind Burner stove is widely used by outdoor professionals also.

The Jetboil range has a great reputation for its durability and weight. The Flash is probably the most common amongst backpackers and mountaineers. I think the Stash looks pretty neat and would probably be interested in trying that one for future bikepacking trips. One to try when I need to upgrade.


A whole segment dedicated to coffee? Yup! If you're like me then your morning coffee(s) are wildly important. There's a plethora of gadgets out there and I've tried many of them. Here's a few favourites and why.

The Aeropress is a classic and I think it's ideally suited to van dwelling, cycle touring or multi day trips where space isn't really an issue. I think it's a little too bulky for bikepacking, even for a coffee obsessed cyclist like me. That doesn't mean I have to compromise and have instant coffee though.

The small collapsible dripper (pictured) is pretty cool and packs down flat, albeit awkwardly shaped for any round bikepacking bags. At 150g, its very light and coffee filter papers can be stored neatly inside.

The item I'm using the most at the moment is by Wild Roots. It's quite sturdy, cheap and stores in a mug! Weighing around 50g and only costing £25, it's perfect for me. You're welcome 😉


I'm lucky enough to be supported by Exposure Lights but I was a customer beforehand. I genuinely wouldn't use any other bike light.

The big front light is the MaxxD MK14 and I use either the Boost-R + Reakt or the TraceR Mk2 ReAKT on the rear.

My helmet light is the Axis Mk9 and the headtorch pictured above is the HTGO.

Why did I choose Exposure? The lumen and battery life is phenomenal. These lights can be powerfully bright and also last days. Plus, they have crazy technology that gets brighter when cars are approaching which can be seen 1km away. Mind blowing stuff. To clarify, these opinions are my own.


As you are all avid cyclists and bikepacking enthusiasts I know you don't need/ won't appreciate a comprehensive list of tools to take with you. I'm certain you've got that dialled but I did want to talk about this little beauty. I love it. It's so light, packable and has so many handy functions. There's a few variations by Wolf Tooth but I really rate this one (8 bit). I think I've just added a different tool to my Christmas list.

I need your help please!

I'm looking for a new battery pack. It must be lightweight and effective for multi days. Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙏

Thanks to everyone who has read this series of blogs. I hope they were informative and helpful in some way. If you have any questions please send me a message. I'm more active on Instagram.

Take care and happy pedalling.

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