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Blooming Wild Introduction was created for people who are bikepacking-curious and wanting to learn about kit, set ups & wild camping. The purpose of the weekend is to gain skills and build confidence enabling you to set off on your own bikepacking adventures.

During the weekend you will be guided on a typical Scottish gravel ride with a wild camp in a beautiful secluded spot, the terrain is low level technically with areas to 'session' and progress at party pace. You will also learn how to do a 'M Check' and basic Trail Side Repairs to keep yourself rolling on the trails. 

Blooming Wild Therapy is for those who wish to travel light on their bike, stay in accommodation and focus purely on their well-being, adding to their mindfulness toolbox. 

We will enjoy slow mornings with nourishing food and guided meditation, then ride some glorious Scottish gravel followed by evenings of yoga, breathwork, a spot of wild swimming, reiki and cooking wholesome food together.

More details, dates and locations to be confirmed November 2023. Likely to be; Isle of Arran, Dumfries and Galloway & Aviemore)

Both experiences will have the option for women and non binary only groups as well as a mixed group option. Blooming Wild Introduction will run at £180 pp and Blooming Wild Therapy will be running at £280pp.

Just bring your beloved bike, a smile and please don't worry about fitness levels or abilities, all rides are at party pace. Please let me know if there are any barriers stopping you from joining us, I may be able to help with bikepacking kit or payment plans, most venues will be nearby train stations to avoid further stress. Bespoke experiences and gift vouchers are also available. 

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